You Can Leave Your Hat On

This could be something. Or nothing. Or something really interesting.

Went to Dallas Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, California, last week. Saw owner Jerry Jones the first couple days. Interviewed him at length the third day. Saw him a couple other days. Then I came home and flipped on Saturday's Hall of Fame induction ceremonies and saw him again. What has finally struck me about Jerry isn't his face, and the way it's morphed from 1996 to 1999 to 2006. It's what's on top of his head--every waking second. I haven't seen him without it. Without what? That's after the jump.

In camp, out for dinner in California, at press conferences and even at the supposedly formal HOF soiree, Jones is wearing a classic blue "D" baseball cap. Now, everybody knows Tom Landry made the fedora fashionable, but during practices or in media guide mug shots he always wore that same "D" hat. My rambling, all-encompassing intuition tells me that either Jerry's going bald, is hiding hair plugs that haven't healed, is protecting himself from harmful UV rays caused by that damned global warming thing, is trying to channel the immaculate karma of God's Coach, perhaps only packed one cap for camp or is simply getting free pub for his club's new old-school product.

If you believe the latter and wanna be America's Team trendy, you can buy one of the hats here. To be continued... --Richie Whitt

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