You Can Spell Team Without T.O.

As Jerry Seinfeld so eloquently put it: We don't cheer players, we cheer laundry. That's true enough around here: We booed Deion Sanders as a San Francisco 49er and then cheered him as a Dallas Cowboy; and we cheered Steve Nash as a Dallas Maverick and now boo him as a Phoenix Sun. So, then, are we prepared to embrace Terrell Owens? Just close your eyes and conjure up the disturbing image of Owens standing in the middle of Texas Stadium back in 2000, his arms raised with his feet planted at mid-field. Now, trying envisioning the asshole who desecrated the most sacred star in sports putting on a Cowboys uniform.

Do you cheer? Or cringe?

It may be an answer you will have to consider sooner than later.

Owens, one of the best receivers in the National Football League, will be released by the Philadelphia Eagles before 3 p.m. today in a move that will save Philadelphia money and face. Because of his immense talent, there will be suitors. Because of his history of criticizing quarterbacks and ripping apart locker rooms with his wildfire ego, here's hoping the Cowboys aren't one of them.

But, alas, they are, at least on some level. Owens has visited the Denver Broncos, received feelers from the Kansas City Chiefs and flirted from Dallas, with coach Bill Parcells lunching with agent Drew Rosenhaus at last month's scouting combine in Indy. The Cowboys should re-sign receiver Keyshawn Johnson, who's not the perfect role model by any means, but he'll catch, he'll block, and, most of the time, he'll put team before self, which is something Owens has never done. It's shameful to sell your soul to the devil, even if he's wearing the right jersey. --Richie Whitt

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