You Can Watch Game 6 Inside the American Airlines Center. Just Not Outside the AAC.

Happened to be down in Victory Park for drinksa meeting during Game 2 of The Finals. Got there well before tip-off, and a small line was already beginning to snake around the American Airlines Center; folks were also starting to congregate in the plaza. By the time we left midway through the second quarter, the illuminated concrete slab beneath the giant TV sets was comfortably crowded -- not rowdy, but awful proud and plenty loud. And as you're no doubt well aware the arena, its concession lines deep and concourse traffic-jammed, was stacked to the rafters with the MFFL.

Tonight the AAC will be playoffs-packed, the $5-to-get-in-for-charity Game 6 watch party having sold out in under an hour Friday morning; ducats are going for $60 on eBay, a little cheaper (but not by much) on Craigslist. But the Victory Plaza teevee sets will be turned off, say Dallas Police, who will be heavy-staffing the plaza (SWAT!) and advise that if you don't have a ticket, plan on watching the game elsewhere. Dale Hansen's awful unhappy about the decision. Me, I have to work, if that's what you call it.

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