You Should Check Out the Mayors' Report Card on Education

DISD schools: still not great, but not that bad if you look at other really big districts. So says a report issued by the Bush library and Mayor Mike Rawlings that compares achievement and disciplinary stats across the country's biggest urban districts.

The mission of the reports is described as follows:

"Though education data is frequently collected and aggregated at the state level, data is rarely synthesized across cities. This report is unique because this information has been collected and presented for mayors and members of the public in a straightforward, easy-to-use format. It offers data that mayors can use to inform their perspective and work effectively within their cities and with other mayors, sharing best practices and local initiatives."

Lofty goals sure, but the data provided is interesting, if unsurprising, especially in Dallas' case.

DISD's graduation rate as measured in the report is 77 percent, two points lower than the national average. The good news is Dallas actually ranks fifth among the urban districts surveyed. San Diego has the highest reported graduation rate, Atlanta the lowest. The report documents the achievement gap between whites and other students as well. Sixty-one percent of white ACT takers were deemed college ready, compared to 11 percent of Hispanics and nine percent of black students.

Dallas' discipline numbers move in the opposite direction with both male and female non-white students facing out-of-school suspension and a far higher rate than white students.

Check it out.

Mayors' Report Card 2015

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