"You Will Be Shot Dead."

Sunday night's 60 Minutes will feature a piece on the Dixie Chicks, whose new album Taking the Long Way will be released May 23 (and reviewed in the Observer next Wednesday). The Chicks talk to Steve Kroft about the threats the band received after singer Natalie Maines shouted her infamous Bush-bashing comments from a U.K. stage in 2003:

"'There was one specific death threat on Natalie. [It] had a time, had a place, had a weapon. I mean, everything,' banjo player Emily Robison recalls. 'This was at our show in Dallas. "You will be shot dead at your show in Dallas" on whatever the date was,' she says. The FBI and the Texas Rangers were brought in, says Maines. 'We flew in on a jet...and we went straight from the police cars to the stage and straight from the stage back to the police cars and back to the plane. So, you know, it was all surreal. But at that stage everything was surreal,' she remembers."

If you didn't know--and, really, how could you not?--60 Minutes airs Sunday at 6 p.m. on KTVT-Channel 11. --Robert Wilonsky

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