Young and the Restless

I've only seen her on TV, but I wouldn't require a personal interview and authorized head-to-toe-measurements before I agreed to marry Elisha Cuthbert. I'm pretty confident we'd live, like, happily ever after. So why is it that NFL teams are so damned picky about college players like Vince Young?

The University of Texas quarterback had his "pro day" in Austin yesterday, during which 100 NFL onlookers preparing for next month's draft watched him throw 50 passes of different lengths from various angles. Futhermore, they measured his height (6-foot-4�), weight (228 pounds), arms (33� inches) and even hands (9� inches). Young has a quirky throwing motion and a crappy Wonderlic test, but, come on, didn't any of these scouts watch college football last season? Were they not tuned to the Rose Bowl?

But for whatever reason—his choice of inexperienced agent or questionable intelligence--Young's stock is slipping. At one point seemingly guaranteed to be the No. 1 pick, one mock draft this week has him falling all the way to No. 13. That's a difference of about $9 million. The Cowboys, who choose at No. 18, would be fools not to trade up and nab Young if he gets that close. Exact measurements be damned, Young and Cuthbert are both extremely, um, effective. --Richie Whitt

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