Your First Look at the Latest Addition to the Great Trinity Forest Hike-N-Bike Trail

A little while ago the city's Park and Rec Department posted to its Hike & Bike Trails Facebook page the photo you see above. It was accompanied by the note: "Check out the new addition to the Trinity Forest Trail -- a new trail bridge was just added this week! Construction is still underway on the trail, but expected to be complete Fall 2011 and by then the trail will be nearly 4 miles long!"

Yes, but. The note didn't say where the bridge happened to be located. So I called Michael Hellman, park planning manager for the city, and asked him. He says it's the pedestrian bridge connecting Phases I and II of the Great Trinity Forest Trail leading into the Trinity Audubon Center. And, he notes, it's accessible from three spots: the Simpson Stuart Road dead-end near the McCommas Bluff Landfill; the Joppa Preserve; and the canoe ramp off Loop 12 at Little Lemmon Lake.

He directs our attention to this map, where, at the bottom right, the blue represents the trail currently under construction. "Eventually," he says, "it'll connect further across Loop 12 into the Texas Horse Park property."

I told him they picked a good day to snap that picture -- the Trinity looks like, ya know, a river. He laughed: "That location always has a pretty good volume of water."

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