Your Happy Mother's Day Crime Round-Up

Last night, the Dallas Police Department sent word that it has apprehended the man responsible for the purse-snatchings and shooting downtown early Thursday morning. According to a missive from Sgt. Warren Mitchell, a DPD spokesman, investigators received a tip Saturday afternoon about a suspect already wanted on an outstanding burglary warrant. They found the man, pictured at left, at about 3:30 at a house in Oak Cliff. According to Mitchell, the suspect was arrested and then "confessed to the robberies," but as of last night's e-mail he hadn't been named or charged till witnesses, among 'em one tough grandmother Linda Self, could participate in a photo line-up.

But speaking of robbery suspects, there's one on the loose that DPD's awfully concerned about -- so much so it has sent out a "public assistance needed" notice. Some time between 1 a.m. and 11 a.m. yesterday, according to the police report, an unmarked police car was parked at 3653 Briargrove Lane, near Marsh Lane and Frankford Road. That's when someone smashed in the driver's side window and stole some SureFire flashlights -- not to mention a blue bulletproof vest exactly like the one you see pictured at right. DPD would really like to get that fashionable accessory off the street pronto -- hence, the $5,000 reward for tips leading to the suspect's arrest. Which would buy quite a few Mother's Day presents for the special ladies in your life.

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