You've Watched Him Play Baseball. Now, Wear Josh Hamilton's Line of Christian T-Shirts

We love Josh Hamilton. For one, he's a damn good baseball player who's helped propel the Texas Rangers to its first two World Series. Plus, his backstory's the stuff of Hollywood films. But we don't love Hamilton as much as Hamilton loves Jesus and, to underscore that point, he's releasing the Josh Hamilton is releasing his own line of inspirational clothing. And by "inspirational" they mean Jesus-y. And by clothing, they mean T-shirts.

The gear, "inspired by the life and testimony of Major League Baseball All-Star Josh Hamilton," is being sold exclusively through ScriptureArt, which, not coincidentally, was co-founded by Hamilton's wife to "develop high quality products and designs that inspire others to develop a deeper relationship with Christ."

And lest you think Hamilton is just a famous name who played no role in creating the clothing, ScriptureArt co-founder Kelly Shiley says Hamilton's input "was instrumental in helping us create designs that express that faith and dependence on God in authentic and graphically compelling ways."

You can buy them in person through Wednesday, but only at a trade show in Atlanta. You can also buy them online. Or you could just buy a Hamilton jersey.

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Eric Nicholson
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