It wasn't so long ago that the arrival of Sprinkles marked a moist, frosted watershed: the $3 cupcake. Last month's opening of Dimples in the West Village, though, has run that mark up to $5 -- or more, for a more elaborate custom-decorated cupcake. (They're opening another location at One Arts Plaza this summer.)

10 Cupcakes and a Donut: The Heavyweights of Dallas Desserts

These aren't little things for school birthdays or family picnics. These are elaborately decorated forces of nature, rainbow-sprinkled Sasquatches under a two-pound frosting blooms. Some are frosted and topped with glitter, which apparently is safe to eat.

As they've ballooned these last few years, they've made room for more creative takes on the personal cake, too -- like Citizen Sweet, where the cupcakes are sized for the sane, and the attention goes to primo ingredients and presentation. Or you can blow $2.50 on a cupcake for your dog.

From the rugged Society Bakery cupcakes topped with cream cheese-based frosting, to the elaborate options at Yummy Donuts, there are plenty of options if you're looking for a fancy, high-priced road to gluttony. Look now, gorge later. Here's our portrait series of big Dallas cupcakes.

Thanks to Spike Johnson for assisting this shoot.

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