10 Questions: Jay Liddell

The Dallas-based brand ambassador for Macallan's single malt Scotch line is charged with an important mission: introducing whisky to a younger generation...of drinking age, of course.

Before moving to this city, he spent seven years in the Big Apple as an events manager (with a small but steady role in One Life to Live). He admits that he was a bourbon fanatic until someone introduced him to the water of life.

Now this University of Florida grad drinks Scotch every day. It's the kind of work that puts a man in good repose. So what does he have against Big Ten football?...

1. How many times do you hear "you have the best job ever"?
Right now about 3.2 times per day, on average.

2. Do you cringe when you see people splash Coke into good Scotch?
No, I don't cringe. When I see someone pour Coke into whisky, I want to find some very large Scottish cousins and pay the guy a visit.

3. Why do people prefer one style of whiskey--Bourbon, Irish, Scotch--over another?
It has to do with personal history and genealogical history--roots--as well as perception. Each style has groups of people associated with it. Sometimes you feel like you want a bourbon if you're, say, kicking back at a honky tonk in jeans. Sometimes you want a special moment. But at the end of the day, it's personal preference.

4. But the Scots don't have that good old boy whiskey image...
I think there's just as much backwoods history in Scotland as here. Scotch began with farmers making it on their own. It started the same way it did in Tennessee and Kentucky.

5. So why didn't it produce great race car drivers?
[Laughs] I don't know.

6. When you're not drinking Scotch, you're drinking...?
When I'm not drinking Macallan? Red wine.

7. Ever try to use Scotch for a mint julep?
You know, I love Manhattans. I have a joke where I wanted to create the Mac-hattan. It sounds cheesy. But it's actually quite delicious.

8. Why is SEC football so corrupt?
Because there's so much competition. And...what else is a good reason? Oh, co-eds.

9. What about the Big Ten?
Yeah, that's a lot of fun. Oh, gained three yards. Lost two. One yard. Punt. We like the fun and gun down south.

10. Ever sneak Scotch into a college game?
If I had, I would never tell you.

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