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First Look

First Look: Rainbow-Popping Boba at Bubble Bee Tea Shop in Carrollton

Pineapple slush with rainbow popping boba.
Pineapple slush with rainbow popping boba. Hank Vaughn
There’s been an influx of boba tea shops in the area recently, and the newest is Bubble Bee Tea Shop located on Parker Road in Carrollton. The shop offers the usual milk teas, smoothies, coffees, slushes and fruit teas as well as some snacks, sandwiches and even a small selection of potstickers and dumplings, the latter of which are also sold to go in frozen bags of 50.

Located in a newer shopping area, it's a good-sized space with plenty of seating. The tea and sandwich menus are displayed on two large monitors, and the more traditional fare is found on a printed menu on the counter. We decided to go with a fruit slush and a few more traditional snacky items from the counter menu.
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Dining area at Bubble Bee Tea House.
Hank Vaughn
The pineapple slush comes in a 16- or 24-ounce size, both under $6, and we added some rainbow popping boba for an additional 75 cents. Other options for toppings include traditional boba, crystal boba, lychee coconut jelly and yogurt pearls. This was refreshingly smooth, tasting of the freshly blended real pineapple that was used in its creation. The rainbow boba made for an extremely pretty presentation as well as providing, yes, a good mouthfeel. Other slush flavors include lemon, mango, raspberry and lychee.

We loaded up on three different bites: pancake (otherwise known as dan bing or Taiwanese egg crepe), potstickers and fried bread (youtiao); all arrived together on one large plate.
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Potstickers, pancake and fried bread are just three of the snacks available.
Hank Vaughn
The pancake options include original (with egg inside), bacon, tuna and ham. These resemble a stuffed crepe sliced into bite-size portions, and it was very satisfying. We have a hard time imagining how this would work with the tuna option but to each his own.

The potstickers all are pork, with the choice of cabbage or chive as the additional ingredient. We went with the more traditional cabbage. These came 10 to a generous order and were perfectly pan-fried and very flavorful.

The fried bread stick invoked childhood memories and had a great chew to it without tasting oily, very reminiscent of a savory churro. There are two to an order.
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Bubble Bee Tea House in Carrollton offers boba tea, smoothies, snacks and more.
Hank Vaughn
Also available: sandwiches such as bacon egg and cheese, tuna salad, ham and grilled chicken; some of the snacks offered include mini egg rolls, fried chicken wings and chicken tenders.

We’ll be back to try these, as well as maybe a brown sugar milk tea or pecan protein shake. As to the tuna pancake ... we leave that to those more adventurous than ourselves.

2425 Parker Road, Bldg. 1, No. 5, Carrollton. Daily, 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.
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