Charming New M Streets Spot Serves Up Steamed Sandwiches and Killer Craft Cocktails

If you’ve nursed a cocktail after work anywhere in Dallas, chances are it's either come from the hands of Eddie “Lucky” Campbell or has at least been influenced by his work. With an impressive list of bars and restaurants under his belt, Campbell found his stride at Parliament, the former Four Lounge in Uptown. After two years of growing this successful cocktail bar, it was time for him to branch out into unfamiliar territory while keeping his ideology within arm’s reach.

This week, the combination cocktail bar and sandwich shop Knuckle Sandwich Co. finally opened its doors. The former live music venue has been remodeled into a comfy neighborhood cocktail den. Stepping away from the overt extravagance of Parliament, Campbell brought a little touch of elegance to a space with a lot of friendly charm. 
The fundamental cocktail list will consist of 77 beverages, including shots and boiler makers. While this may sound labor intensive, they plan to approach the drink menu with the same attention as seen at Parliament. Made with Jason Kosmas’ Cana Brava rum, the Knuckle Punch, with orgeat, citrus and spices, has a breezy taste that will have you longing for a coastal vacation. Although less pronounced, the Black and Blue Southside, made with gin, lemon and a marriage of black and blue berries, serves earthy notes with a fizzy texture. If you're looking to keep it simple, PBR and High Lifes are $3.

Because great sandwiches never go out of style, Knuckle's preliminary menu will include 21 sandwiches along with build-your-own options. The namesake comes with pork belly, fried egg, pimento cheese and herb roasted tomato on Texas toast, with others ranging from a cold cut full of cured meat on a hoagie to a cheese steak with ribeye, fried onions and foam cheddar cheese.

“Where we want to stand out is with our steamed sandwiches, which are popular up north and no one else around here has them," Campbell says. "We will use local produce as much as possible, but when making true northern sandwiches we decided to use Vienna meats, which are popular there and the highest quality and most authentic available."
The backyard is still being developed, but count on live music playing a major role here. “Our goal is to provide a chill courtyard similar to the New Orleans French Quarter with green vegetation covering the wrought iron fence, for example,” Campbell says. If you wish to stay home, they'll have delivery within a three-mile radius, but with Campbell’s infectious personality and Knuckle's vibrant motif, you'll easily become a regular at Greenville’s newest cocktail bar. 

Knuckle Sandwich, 3619 Greenville Ave. 

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Cody Neathery
Contact: Cody Neathery