Chewing the Fat: Restraining Order for Ronald McDonald?

Research suggests that early teens tend to super-size when fast food is within a tenth of a mile (roughly one city block) of their schools. The most interesting bit of information, in this story from NYPolitics, comes further down, when it says a quarter-mile distance between the two locations showed no impact on obesity rates. What a difference 0.15 miles makes!

The man who made Micky-D's, Ray Kroc, liked to say his business was real estate, not hamburgers. Regular citizens get angry enough when they're told to move for a new highway. Imagine what Ronald McDonald (and his crack team of lawyers) is capable of doing in the face of an eminent domain order.

Besides, telling Ronald to move further away just seems like another step in a long "it's someone else's fault" progression. And it doesn't do anything about Twinkie the Kid. Science Progress reports that school boards testifying to Congress are defending his right to squat on school premises. It's not entirely about keeping Twinkies as much as it is individual school districts claiming the right to decide their own nutritional standards. Science Progress comes down against this claim, but it's easy to see how an often-underfunded institution, as many public schools are, can see this as a threat to the delicate balance of an even-more-delicate budget. If this is the the case, a solution is obvious (though perhaps not perfect): Any federal mandate could include some federal funding to make sure standards are met. Added bonus? Pissing off one of the fattest cats out there: Rush Limbaugh.

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