Cocktail of the Week: Celebrate Cinco the Classy Way With Smoked and Rose-Infused Margaritas

It's Cinco de Mayo, one of the holidays we all wish was acceptable to skip entirely but social norms (and your amiga, Stacy) would label us “weak sauce” if at least one margarita or tequila shot wasn’t consumed to celebrate ... something.  (What is it Cinco de Mayo celebrates, again? Five weeks since St. Patrick’s Day?)

If the idea of venturing into a bar that promises $2 gut bomb margaritas gives you chills, stop by the liquor store (and the hardware store, and the grocery store) on the way home and pick up the makings for these tequila beauties. You know that they must be good because both were in the running for Patrón’s “Margarita of the Year," and the Rosa Picante Margarita won, with Dallas’ own Stephen Halpin’s Smoked Mangonada Margarita nipping its heels as a close second. 

If you do feel like celebrating in good company, brave the crowds at Parliament or the Rattlesnake Bar and put everyone else’s house margarita to shame.

Rosa Picante Margarita (Created by Jordan Corney of Bohanan’s in San Antonio — currently available at Rattlesnake Bar)
2 oz. Patrón Silver
1/2 oz. Patrón Citrónge Lime
1 oz. fresh-squeezed lime juice
1/2 oz. ginger syrup
Bar spoon of jalapeño oil
Dash of rosewater
Rose petal sea salt

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake with ice to chill. Strain into a chilled cocktail coupe that has been half-rimmed with rose sea salt, and top with a dash of rose water. Garnish with a rose petal.

Smoked Mangonada Margarita (Created by Stephen Halpin, formerly of Parliament — currently available at Parliament and Rattlesnake Bar)
2 oz. Patrón Reposado
3/4 oz. Smoked Patrón Citrónge Mango
3/4 oz. Mango puree
3/4 oz. Fresh lime juice

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake with ice to chill. Strain over fresh ice into into an ice-filled double old fashioned glass that has been rimmed with Tajin, a chili lime salt. Garnish with a slice of fresh mango.

Smoked Patrón Citrónge Mango: Pour 6 oz. of Patrón Citrónge Mango into a large empty bottle. Using a smoking gun, fill the bottle with smoke and swirl to combine for 20 seconds. 

Mango puree: Peel and pit one ripe mango and cut into pieces. In a food processor, purée mango with 1.5 tablespoons sugar and one teaspoon fresh lemon juice until smooth.

Parliament, 2418 Allen St., 469-804-4321. Rattlesnake Bar, 2121 McKinney Ave. (in The Ritz Carlton), 214-922-4848

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