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Dallas Beer Kitchen Is Back and Planning a Meaty New Menu

Like a phoenix, Dallas Beer Kitchen has quickly and dramatically risen out of the ashes. It closed forever on January 24, citing an inability to make money while construction tore up its stretch of Greenville Avenue. And, having closed forever, the bar reopened on Friday, January 29.

In the intervening week, Dallas Beer Kitchen was purchased by the owners of Nora, the Afghan restaurant just north on Greenville. DBK’s former owner, Bryan Kaeser, told CultureMap that, “They said they loved the concept, that it had a strong name and a presence in that craft beer market. They also wanted to make sure that the street wasn't plagued by vacancies.”

On Friday, the Beer Kitchen’s tap list was already back at full strength. They’ve elected to declare the entire construction process Happy Hour, so as long as there are orange cones out front, almost every beer is $3 and all food plates are $5. The food list has not changed yet — it's still focused on burgers and chicken, although the french fries have been upgraded from “soggy and gross” to “not crispy, but okay.”

Change is on the way, though. Nora’s owners, Naser Nayeb and Matt Pikar, also own two butcher shops, each called La Guadalupana, and they plan to start rolling out a new menu focused on high-quality meat, including handmade sausage. Craft beer and awesome sausage are hallmarks of Greenville institution The Blind Butcher, but the street may just be big enough for the two of them.

Dallas Beer Kitchen bartenders told us to expect a slow rollout of new menu items starting very soon, with the owners hoping to have a redesigned slate of food offerings by late February. Bryan Kaeser will stay involved with the robust beer program, so as long as the city of Dallas keeps digging up the street out front, DBK will be one of the area’s biggest bargains.

Dallas Beer Kitchen, 1802 Greenville Ave., 214-484-2481

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