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Dallas Zoo Is Attempting to Entice More Adult Visitors. How? With Food and Booze, of Course.

At this weekend's Corks For Conservation event, visitors can sip wine in proximity to elephants.
At this weekend's Corks For Conservation event, visitors can sip wine in proximity to elephants. courtesy Dallas Zoo
The Dallas Zoo is attempting to entice more adult visitors (and not just the ones with kids in tow), so it's doing something that, for our zoo at least, is pretty new: They're hosting new "adult-friendly" events, which basically means later hours, cheffy food and alcohol.

On Sunday night, the Dallas Zoo is hosting Corks For Conservation at their Giants of the Savanna exhibit. Guests can stroll through the Savanna as the sun sets, sipping South African wine and "sampling perfectly paired, locally sourced bites," according to Lydia Stubbs, communications manager at the zoo.

"Along the way, they can feed giraffes, experience a lion-feeding demonstration, and learn about our animals and how the Dallas Zoo is working to protect their wild counterparts," Stubbs says. "Guests can also get up close with our ambassador animals and bid on a special elephant experience in a silent auction. And the best part, all proceeds will go directly to our wildlife conservation fund to protect endangered species across the globe."

The zoo has hosted live music and other adult-oriented events in the past, but they're doubling down with other upcoming events like a Trivia and Trails event on April 13. The $30 adults-only event will include beer, animal trivia and light bites, and visitors will get a tour of the zoo and will leave with a Dallas Zoo pint glass.

Tickets to this weekend's Corks For Conservation event, which starts at 6 p.m. Sunday, are $150 and must be purchased in advance; no tickets will be sold on-site. There's also a vegetarian meal option for those who don't consume our animal friends.

Dallas Zoo, 650 S. R.L. Thornton Freeway (Oak Cliff)
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