First Look: Sambuca 360

Raise your hand if you're sick to death of the big ol' fuss over "cougars." Really, what's so morbidly fascinating about a woman of a certain age who likes to get her freak on? Forty is the new 20 after all, right?

All things being equal, we hope to hell we're not dried up old prunes by the time our bank accounts can accommodate some high-tone hi-jinx. Thankfully, in this era of "better looking through science," we know we don't have to be...And when we're ready to don our daughter's skimpiest mini dress and head out on the prowl, here's hoping Sambuca 360 is still around.

Open about two weeks in the old Martini Park spot in the Shops at Legacy, Sambuca 360 is the newest outpost of the classic Dallas upscale hang. In fact, we had a Deep Ellum flashback when Calvin himself greeted us at the door on a recent visit. The affable, towering gent was a fixture at Sambuca's original downtown location, and we're guessing many of the guests inside 360 remembered him from back in the day.

Entering the restaurant's bar area, we were also treated to a little regression therapy in the form of tunes like "Mickey" and "Power of Love" blaring over the sound system--and it wasn't even "Throwback Tuesday." The old-school ended there, however, as we settled in for drinks and dinner.

Sambuca 360's lengthy menu is of the moment, with hip offerings like Dr. Pepper ribs and beer battered fish tacos. It's kind of a novel, though, so be sure and bring your sexy readers. The cougress sitting next to us did--meow. After placing our order, we sat back and enjoyed the ambiance. From bubbling water columns flanking the bar to a stunning art deco-style ceiling in the dining room, it was enough to distract us from the comely suburban crowd.

But only for a minute.

Clad in cleavage-bearing tops, with flawless skin and shining hair, the modern Mrs. Robinsons we spied turned more heads than the restaurant's 20-something staffers in their skin-tight skinny jeans. And then some.

As we cleaned our plates of chicken fried rib eye and citrus salmon, the band was gearing up to play on a raised platform behind the bar. Taking that as our cue (time for the grownups to come out and play), we headed back home to bed at a reasonable hour. Someday, though, we'll get to stay up and party with the big kids.

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Lisa Petty

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