Hid In 2612: The New Pop-Up Bar at Cane Rosso, by the Guys Who Brought You Bar 828

A while ago I checked in with Jay Jerrier from Cane Rosso to see how his appearance on Diners Drive-ins and Dives would shape the future of his pizza business. He told us he'd taken control of the space next door and would turn it into additional seating for the restaurant as well as some lounge space.

Daniel Hopkins dined at Jerrier's restaurant on Monday and noted the construction going on next door. He snapped that terrible pic up there, which prompted me to send Jerrier a follow up email. He gave me this update:

We got our CO on the space next door on Monday...that's the good news. The bad news is that we're still waiting on our tables to be built and some of our other equipment. We may find a way to use it for overflow this weekend - but we still have some work to do.

Jerrier figured out how to use the space. This Friday at 8 p.m., the folks who brought you Bar 828, a short-lived pop-up bar in Oak Cliff, will join Cane Rosso with a new project dubbed Hid In 2612. The name leverages Cane Rosso's street number and will feature the same mixology of Bar 828.

Jerrier also offered this little tidbit about the expansion:

We also built a "dough room" - it is designed to be like the basements of Naples pizzerias so we can make and proof all of our dough at the proper temperature and humidity. It has a window so people can roam by and watch Teddy Bear (our dough guy) rolling his balls (TWSS).

Sounds pretty sweet.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.