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Hypnotic Donuts Opens This Weekend

Remember when we wrote about Hypnotic Dounut's new storefront way back in November? We told you it was scheduled to open early this year. Looks like that actually might happen. First day of business will be Sunday.

I called owner James St. Peter and asked him what the deal was. How come his restaurant is opening on schedule when many others (Off-Site Kitchen and Mason Bar, for instance) open months after the anticipated date? My guess was permit and contracting issues caused most of the delays. The inspectors really turn the screws when an outlet is a centimeter too high over a counter service, right? But James corrected me. Despite a few minor construction issues, "the city was great to work with," he said.


So pretty much right on schedule, Hypnotic Donuts will open January 29 with an expanded menu including chicken, biscuits and jelly from Plano-based JJ&B. For the weirdos who think eating a doughnut right before a run around nearby White Rock Lake is a bad idea (it's a great idea, clearly), Hypnotic Donuts will also carry oatmeal, Greek yogurt, fresh fruit parfaits, protein drinks and other assorted nonsense.

Before I got off the phone, James offered one additional tidbit. For music, the shop will play vinyl records on a vintage turntable he nabbed from his grandmother.

"We got everything from Loretta Lynn and Barbara Mandrell to the Dead, Hendrix and the Beatles," he told me.

Good enough for me. Sign me up for a Long John, covered in maple glaze and strips of crunchy well-done bacon.

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