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Jettison Brings Craft Cocktails to Sylvan Thirty with a Side of Sleek Design

From time to time, we get a new spot open in this town that surprises and delights.  The most recent that we've found is Jettison, the intimate, sleek cocktail den connected to the newest location of Houndstooth Coffee in the new mixed-use development in West Dallas, Sylvan Thirty.  The space is as sexy as it gets — plenty of dark colors with muted gold accents making it the polar opposite of its coffee counterpart next door.  The dark wood bar littered with glass bottles holding magical tinctures is complimented by a bright ceiling that looks like a work of art in itself.

That said, the space isn't the only thing that's well-crafted.  The cocktails from bar manager, George Kaiho (formerly of Parliament and Tei-An), are thoughtful, well mixed — stirred or shaken — with unique (and, on the whole, en vogue) ingredients.  Most of the drinks focus, by design, on the use of mezcal or sherry.  Whether you're ordering a flip, George's version of a Manhattan (which packs a punch with four different spirits), one of their coffee cocktails (seems fitting) or straight mezcal, it's a good spot to take off your undoubtedly hipster hat and stay a while.

To make things even more dangerous, the bar stools nearly hug you when you sink into them — surely by design, also — so you won't want to rush the experience.  And rightly so since the drinks are crafted carefully, which, to the bar staff's merit, takes longer than a shot topped with a squirt from a soda gun.

Jettison's offerings are not to be missed by craft cocktail lovers.  However, even without a deep appreciation for the art of what has been done at this bar, one can appreciate the efforts.

Jettison at Houndstooth Coffee, 1878 Sylvan Ave., Suite E150 (Sylvan Thirty)

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