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Chef Junior Borges Details New Concept at The Village

Chef Junior Borges
Chef Junior Borges Manny Rodriguez
Since arriving to Dallas in 2014, chef Nilton “Junior” Borges has been a driving force in Dallas’ hospitality scene. He has worked as the opening chef of Uchi Dallas and served as executive chef at FT33 and at The Joule.

Come next spring, Borges will serve as vice president of culinary for a new restaurant concept in The Village Dallas.

Since 1968, The Village has served as a living community to a diverse bunch of Dallas residents. With the addition of new retail, restaurants and a luxury hotel, it will soon be a mixed-use development, where people can work, live and play.

“There are so many people who live here and have lived here,” says Borges of The Village. “This project is going to be a reintroduction of The Village to Dallas.”

While Borges wouldn’t disclose the name of his new concept, he says it will be an elevated, ingredient-driven concept, which will encompass elements of Italy, France, Spain and his home country, Brazil.

“Most places that I have worked in have been really rooted in the search for the highest quality ingredients,” Borges says. “Having been in Dallas for five years, the connections that I have here, the people that I’ve met, and the things that have happened — the idea is to embrace all of these things.”

Borges is aiming for his concept to draw in residents of The Village, as well as those from other parts of Dallas. He wants his concept to be both elevated and approachable.

“Overall, it will be the place where you can feel comfortable to stop by, have a glass of wine, some snacks or some pasta, and just enjoy the experience,” Borges says.

As part of his duties as vice president of culinary for the new concept, Borges will be responsible for leading a team of chefs, cooks and front-of-house employees. He hopes to create an environment where his team will take away valuable life skills.

“I’m looking forward to cooking what I want to cook, having the ability to build the team and the restaurant, and creating an environment that is encouraging,” Borges says. “I want to see people grow, and I want them to be in an environment where they can learn and do great things outside of here.”

As with all of the concepts Borges has led, his new concept will be heavily guest-centered.

“We’re really going to be keeping an eye on the people,” Borges says. “I love cooking for people, I love serving people. I think at the end of the day, in the hospitality industry, I want to make people happy. It’s a restaurant that I want people to be excited about.”

The Village's new development is planned to open in spring 2020. It is located at 8310 Southwestern Blvd. in Dallas.
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