Kate Weiser Ushers in Peach Season with a Full-Size Chocolate Peach Filled with Fruit Jelly

There's nothing like a fresh, juicy peach at the peak of Texas peach season. This time of year, pastry chefs showcase its succulence in everything from cobblers to ice cream, and Kate Weiser Chocolate took the peach dessert to the next level with their limited-edition, life-sized chocolate peaches.

These white chocolate peaches are the super awesome adult version of Kinder Surprise eggs. Cracking one open reveals peach dulcey truffles masquerading as a peach pit and delicate bits of peach pâte de fruits. Each beautifully detailed peach is accompanied by a dark chocolate honey bee. 

Check out the ice cream selection too. With any luck, they're still offering the Peach French Toast ice cream sundae, featuring peach sorbet, sweet tea peaches, toasted brioche and candied almonds.

Peach season is likely to end at KWC soon — their chocolatiers are constantly experimenting, developing new flavors every week. The time to harvest is now.

Kate Weiser Chocolate, 3011 Gulden Lane, Suite 115

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