Kent Rathbun Has Resigned From His Namesake Restaurant Group

High-profile chef Kent Rathbun has resigned from Kent Rathbun Concepts, the restaurant group behind Abacus, Jasper's and Hickory, according to Bill Hyde, Rathbun's apparently now-former business partner. Hyde released a statement today:

Kent Rathbun has resigned from Kent Rathbun Concepts. Although he will be relinquishing his day to day activities to pursue other avenues of interest, he remains to be a part of this company. We are currently exploring his new role and welcome his continued engagement for the benefit of our guests, staff and company. We are extremely proud of the culinary talent we have placed in each restaurant and look forward to continuing to serve our valued guests.

The statement is certainly contradictory in noting his resignation while insinuating that he's still involved with the company. At a media dinner last night at Abacus, Hyde announced that Chris Patrick will relinquish his post as chef de cuisine to take over as head chef at the restaurant.

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