Khatter Vineyards: Want More Than a Bottle? Buy the Vineyard.

If you are familiar with Parker, Texas, at all, doubtless it's because of Southfork Ranch, home to JR Ewing and his fictional clan from Dallas. But while the symbol for the Ewing empire might be the oil well, the signage for Parker's only winery features the peacock.

You see, when Jay and Carolyn Khatter bought their 2-acre residential property in Parker years ago, wild peacocks were living in the trees. They have since vanished, but their likeness is still featured on bottles of Khatter Vineyards wine. About nine years ago, Jay surprised Carolyn by replacing the family vegetable garden with grapes. Only two varietals are grown in the small vineyard: cabernet sauvignon and ruby cabernet, which is a cross between cabernet and carignan, a little-known blending grape which tolerates the Texas heat.

When you arrive for a tasting at Khatter winery, you may be surprised to see it located adjacent to a private home on a residential cul-de sac. Merely park your vehicle there, then bear left along the stone path where you will see the vineyard, a rustic outdoor patio, and the pre-fab Peacock Tasting Room nestled amongst tall pecan trees.

We sampled several excellent, spicy wines along with good Gorgonzola cheese and crackers with another couple in the smallish tasting room. Khatter offers Cabernet Sauvignon, light and fruity like most Texas Cabs; Texas Prairie Red, a very light blend of cab and merlot; the Blanc du Bois, an unusual white that Carolyn says was developed in Florida, with strong grapefruit overtones; the spicy Ruby Cabernet; and an excellent Cabernet Port, which paired well with the Gorgonzola.

Khatter Vineyards does not sell wine by the glass, but you can buy a bottle to share on the lovely patio and take home any leftovers. Sadly, you may want to head out to the winery soon if you wish to sample the tipple, as the entire facility is for sale, lock stock, and barrels. So, if you have any JR Ewing, Dallas-sized dreams of operating your own winery near Southfork, you can give the Khatters a call.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.