Kin Kin Urban Thai is Open

If you’ve been missing Eddy Thretipthuangsin's cooking since the chef left Pakpao, take heart. A replacement opened this week on Oak Lawn Avenue in the old Cyclone Anaya’s space. Loyal fans likely know that the first location of Thretipthuangsin’s Kin Kin Urban Thai opened in Fort Worth in March, but a drive to Cowtown is no longer required for Dallasites.

With a patio, two dining rooms and a massive circular bar, the Dallas version of Kin Kin has plenty of seats for diners, and the space is open and bears the polish of a professionally designed restaurant. A rough-hewn plank serves as a table top for large parties, echoing the earth tones that dominate the walls and booths. The brightly lit kitchen calls out from the back of the restaurant, while large open windows illuminate from the front.

The main menu is divided into appetizers, soups, salads, rice and noodles and curries, but a separate menu printed on a single laminated page details more interesting items including the Kin Kin burger with a sticky rice bun. Marinated pork loaded with spice and garlic and five-spice beef spare rib are also on the menu. The kitchen hand-crimps dumplings stuffed with a choice of chives, shrimp and pork or duck, and serves them with a sweet dipping sauce.

Thretipthuangsin is far from done with his second Kin Kin location. A third is expected to open in Preston Hollow this year, and a website for the restaurant promises that more locations are soon to follow. You could head over to Kin Kin immediately or sit back and wait if you don’t live near Oak Lawn. Your very own neighborhood Kin Kin could be coming soon.

Kin Kin Urban Thai, 3211 Oak Lawn Ave., Ste. C., kinkinurbanthai.com

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