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KRLD Restaurant Week: Bad Experiences?

Just four weeks to go until KRLD Restaurant Week, and I've already made my reservations and shopped at Central Market for my special Fourth Course certificates. I'm all set, but like a football fan between the end of the season and the Super Bowl, I can't wait.

So my mind starts to wander back over Restaurant Week's past, savoring the delicious meals I've had at places such as Stephan Pyles, Pappas Bros, Steve Fields, III Forks, etc. Mostly my experiences have been magical, with marvelous food and service. Yet I can't help but think of my first experience at a well-known Dallas steakhouse where the food was excellent but the waiter was so downright rude that we not only have never been there again, but we actually stopped participating in Restaurant Week for a few years. (OK, you're probably wondering: It was Del Frisco's in Dallas, but in fairness to the eatery, that meal was a long time ago, and we don't know if the terrible server still works there.)

So today's question: Do you have any experiences in previous years of RW dining in which the food and/or service was so bad you have never gone back to that restaurant? I feel I've been pretty lucky to have had only one horrid meal and so many good ones. What about the rest of you?

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Chris Meesey