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Kuby's Has An Almost Heathy Reuben

Most Reuben sandwiches are served with a side of guilt. The meat is usually fatty, the bread is buttered to a sheen, and cheese and Russian dressing ooze from three sides.

Kuby's, on the other hand, is the absolute antithesis of these coronary cloggers. In fact, if you tried really hard you could almost convince yourself this sandwich is healthy. (You'd be lying though.)

The unassuming German restaurant, tucked into the back of the German deli that bears the same name, brines and cooks their own brisket at their processing facility on Sovereign Row. The whole briskets are shipped to the deli where they get shaved paper thin and grilled for perfect Reuben sandwiches.

The sauerkraut isn't brined on site, but the kitchen cooks pre-fermented product down with white wine, caraway seeds and bacon. The sandwich is then assembled with dry-toasted marble rye, Swiss cheese and a modest spread of mild Russian dressing.

After a alcohol-free stint, the beer is back at Kuby's, but they're closed in the evenings. If you want a good Reuben with a glass of beer after 6 p.m., the Cock and Bull the place to go.

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Scott Reitz
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