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Maple and Motor and Pecan Lodge to be Featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

Jack Perkins' Maple and Motor burger mecca will be closed for lunch next Thursday. A recent post to the restaurant's Facebook page has scarce details about the closure:

We will be closed for lunch Dec 8. I'll tell you why later.

The why becomes clearer when you show at his place for a burger, as half of the Observer Action News Team did today. A sign posted outside the restaurant window announces that Food Network will be taping there. It doesn't say which show, and Perkins wouldn't say either.

But upon seeing the sign, we had a pretty good hunch, based on a phone call I got several weeks back.


Elena McIntosh, a producer for Citizen Pictures in Denver, Colorado, called me late in October, scouting for locations for Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. She asked for restaurants that met the following criteria: great food, great characters, great atmosphere and great stories, all within a 45 minute radius of Dallas proper. Maple and Motor seemed like a good fit, so I suggested she check it out. Apparently she took me up on it.

I'd also heard that Pecan Lodge would be featured, and the barbecue spot confirmed today that a crew will be taping there next Sunday. We're looking into where else Fieri might show up and will update this post when we get more details.

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