Meet Your New Obsession: The Mango Dango at Double Dip Frozen Custard

Just off a stretch of Main Street near historical downtown Frisco, Double Dip Frozen Custard is a merciful oasis. Travelers seeking a reprieve from the Texas heat gather at its doors, where the ambiance is all Big Bopper and next-door self-service car wash. Unbuckled kids bounce by in pickup truck beds. Somehow, it seems hundreds of miles and decades removed from nearby Stonebriar Mall.

Regulars swear by their tried and true favorites. For many, this means the Mango Dango. The vanilla custard, mangoes, salted pecans and cherry on top are utterly craveable. Ask around and you'll find just as many fans of the Strawberry Shortcake: mounds of custard, strawberries and whipped cream stuffed around a split-open mini bundt cake.

The menu sprawls across the length of the counter, and one word is bound to grab your attention: “caliches.” Caliches are to Double Dip what blizzards are to Dairy Queen. An unholy but delicious creation, it's concocted from a blend of vanilla or chocolate custard and your choice of ingredients from their toppings menu, a list of 40+ items spanning everything from banana pudding to Nerds candy.

To get the full experience, visit in the evening when crowds come to a full swell. Join the high school kids and families eagerly shoveling up spoonfuls of custard before it can melt. You'll feel both light years away from home, and also right at home.
Double Dip Frozen Custard, 7511 Main St, Frisco
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Kellie Reynolds
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