Ocean Prime's Salty Caramel Cocktail Is Dessert In a Glass

Skip dessert and go for a Salty Caramel at Ocean Prime.
Skip dessert and go for a Salty Caramel at Ocean Prime. courtesy Ocean Prime
Dallas, we may have actually done it: We may have made it through another sweltering summer. And for that, we should reward ourselves with something indulgent and decadent — like a dessert in a glass. Ocean Prime debuted their fall cocktails a couple weeks back — a little earlier than the weather dictated appropriate, but we'll go with it — and one of their new goodies is the Salty Caramel.

This cocktail is sweetness on top of decadence on top of richness — think adult milkshake meets martini. Between the Ketel One and the Bailey's, it packs a bit of a (milk) punch, and half and half and caramel knock it off the Candy Land map. Enjoy this decadent option as part of Ocean Prime's permanent menu.

Salty Caramel ($13): Ketel One, Bailey's Irish Cream Salted Caramel, half & half, caramel

Ocean Prime, 2101 Cedar Springs Road (Uptown)
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Susie Oszustowicz