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Off-Site Kitchen Kills Original Location in Favor of Trinity Groves

Nooooo! News broke Monday that the original Off-Site Kitchen location would be closing for good. There is some comfort in that the new location in Trinity Groves will carry on the Off-Site legacy, but the change tacks on about two miles to a round-trip lunch commute from Observer headquarters. The casual burger stand has been something of an unofficial cafeteria to the paper, and the move is a major blow.

But if you're the type of person who would drive 20 miles for a great burger, let alone three, there are some other changes that will alter how you do it Murph Style starting in two weeks. I pressed my nose to the glass and gave the new location a look over. Here's what to expect:

First off, seating is going to be way easier to come by. Instead of that quaint bar that ran perpendicular to the kitchen at the old location, Off-Site Kitchen 2.0 has a serious dining room with tables, bar stools — the works. Lots of distressed wood and an open kitchen will let you take in all the burger-making action. It's a nice looking space.

The original Off-Site was known more for its patio because, aside from that handful of bar stools, outdoor seating was all that was available. You never knew whether you were going to get a table, and if your party was small, who you might end up sharing your table with. The Trinity Groves Super-Megaplex Off-Site Kitchen has a patio that's as large as its dining room and then some. You may never have to share a table again, which, depending on your outlook on randomized socialization, may or may not be a bad thing.

There are also "bumper pool" tables (I'm using those quotes because these are lined in AstroTurf instead of felt) and two arcade-style basketball hoops. Spork up in North Dallas has a similar game-heavy setup. Apparently the outdoor games as a value add to the casual burger experience is becoming a trend. 

The new space looks great, but I've got a funny feeling about all this. The original Off-Site Kitchen was a bit of a mess, but in a lovable way. The line streaming out the door assured me that I was about to indulge in a very good thing. I'm sure the Trinity Groves version will smooth out those wrinkles, which will appeal to some customers, but I'm really going to miss the old location, blemishes and all. Thankfully the original griddle is making the move too. If there's any way to relocate the soul of a burger restaurant, taking the grease-stained griddle with you is it.

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