Oh, This Is The Best Pizza In A Cone Ever

A reader sent me the website last week. There's a new pizza in Dallas and it comes in a cone. An Epic Cone. You can buy one inside Excuses Cafe, which used to be One Bar before a round of special-use permits pushed the owners to reclassify their business as a restaurant. Now the large dance hall is a private events space most days and a Friday night hangout for goths. The place at 3025 Main St. is a lot of things, really, it just depends on when you go. From 10 a.m. till 2 p.m., Monday-Saturday they sell foil-wrapped, cone-shaped pizzas.

The cones are more like a cracker than a pizza crust, crunchy and leavened with baking soda instead of yeast. Each one comes stuffed with toppings you'd typically find on most delivery pizza menus. In fact, I think the best comparison I can come up with to describe the quality of the toppings fillings is Zini's in a cone.

There's even delivery. The Epic Cone scooter (it's got a radio and a cigarette lighter) will drive orders of at least $20 for free within a five mile radius. I can't say people will come from all over to eat this, but I can see hoards of drunks double-fisting these things as they walk home along Main Street, should Epic Cones eventually open up late-night.

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