Three tiers of Thai treatsEXPAND
Three tiers of Thai treats

Pinkies Up: Bangkok at Beltline's Thai Tea Serves a Taste of Thailand

Some of us are lucky enough to have had high tea at The Hotel Adolphus, or perhaps we've attended a pre-wedding bridesmaids luncheon featuring tea service. Maybe we've been yelled at about the proper way to take our English breakfast by a certain angry Englishman who used to write for this bloody publication. Either way, it’s quite unlikely that too many of us have had a tea service anything like what Bangkok at Beltline is serving only 20 guests at 2 p.m. Saturdays. Sweet and savory small bites are common among high teas, but these bites are different. Finger sandwiches are filled with Thai specialties like pad Thai noodles and chicken satay. Coconut panna cotta is topped with roasted pineapple kissed with vanilla flavor. Macarons and other goodies, made especially for Bangkok at Beltline by local bakery Haute Sweets Patisserie, are intriguing in flavors like matcha and Thai tea. The finale is an architecturally intricate sesame cookie almost too beautiful to eat. Green, Chrysanthemum and finally Thai teas swell in intensity as you enjoy each tier.

Sesame cookies at Bangkok at BeltlineEXPAND
Sesame cookies at Bangkok at Beltline

In this age of near-constant device distraction and grab-and-go dining, it’s refreshing to experience the luxury of tea service at a relaxing pace in the afternoon. Conversation, with a friend or a group, is a rare thing these days. Give it a try, with a side of mini yellow curry puff, of course.

Reservations are required for afternoon tea and are limited to 20 guests. Call 469-930-9755 to reserve.

Macarons and tartlets from Haute Sweets PatisserieEXPAND
Macarons and tartlets from Haute Sweets Patisserie
Treats on treats on treatsEXPAND
Treats on treats on treats
Beautiful berry- and gold leaf-topped panna cottaEXPAND
Beautiful berry- and gold leaf-topped panna cotta
Pineapple-topped panna cottaEXPAND
Pineapple-topped panna cotta

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