Preston Hollow Finally Gets a Craft Beer Bar

Martin House’s Apricot Queen of the Mist at Bluffview Growler
Martin House’s Apricot Queen of the Mist at Bluffview Growler Brent Nuss
In 2014, Lakewood Growler opened off Abrams Road and Mockingbird Lane and has since become a haven for craft beer in East Dallas. Building on that success, the people behind Lakewood Growler announced in September that they would be opening another location in Preston Hollow. In January, that location opened under the moniker of Bluffview Growler in one of the retail spaces under The Elan at Bluffview Apartments. Bluffview Growler is the first bar to open in the Preston Hollow area that is craft beer-centric, something the neighborhood has been lacking.

For those not looking for it, Bluffview Growler would be easy to miss from Northwest Highway. On a recent visit, the bar was busier than one might expect for a weeknight; a post-work happy hour crowd mingled with obvious locals, and there’s an ample under-30 crowd from the apartments above.

Above the taps, much like Lakewood Growler, TV screens show the 48 different taps, prices and filling options. Other TVs on the walls were showing live sports. While the set up of Bluffview Growler is similar to its sister location, the space is roughly 30 percent larger.

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This spot is already popular with locals and the post-work happy hour crowd.
Bluffview Growler via Facebook
But what really sets this location apart is that Bluffview will offer small plates and snacks to their customers. The need for a kitchen in the space comes from the retail center’s mixed-use designation, which requires that at least a quarter of their sales come from food. Additionally, there are plans to put a patio in front of the space that will be dog-friendly, but unlike the Lakewood location, the presence of a kitchen will prevent dogs from being allowed inside.

Bluffview Growler, 3850 W. Northwest Highway. No. 1190
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Brent Nuss
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