Rumble in Trinity Groves: Get Ready for Fork Fight

Unless you haven't been paying attention, you've probably heard about a lot of new developing food-related things over in Trinity Groves. "What's Trinity Groves," you ask? Y'know that big-ass white bridge some people love and others hate? The one they call Margaret? If you start out on the downtown side of that baby and drive to the far side, you'll run smack dab into Trinity Groves. And lucky you, because of all the aforementioned new developing food-related things.

Some of the already developed food-related things would be Babb Bros. BBQ and Blues, Hoffman's Hots and 3015 Trinity, a really cool space where culinary classes take place. But there's so much waiting in the wings. From the realty show-like Kitchen LTO, a rotating restaurant concept combining chefs and designers chosen by committee and popular vote, to the much-anticipated and oft popped-up Chino Chinatown, to the ridiculously fun-to-say Resto Gastro Bistro, things. Are. Happening!

It's a lot to take in, I know. But now there's a series of events that will involve a tournament-style competition to help you, well, become possibly even more confused. But it sure does sound fun. Plus, it's called Fork Fight. Which is slightly less dangerous-sounding than TV's Knife Fight, but a lot more vegetarian than Meat Fight. I realize I'm not helping on the confusion front right now. Let's try again.

There are some new restaurants opening up in Trinity Groves (see above for location). These new restaurants will be "battling it out" for fun and bragging rights in a series of competitive events called Fork Fights. The winning restaurant will battle the great Sharon Von Meter, chef and owner at 3015 at Trinity Groves. Here's the schedule:

Wednesday, July 10: Round 1: SOUK vs. Casa Rubia Thursday, July 18: Round 2: Kitchen LTO vs. Chino Chinatown Thursday, July 25: Round 3: Amber Jax vs. Saint Rocco's Thursday, August 1: Round 4: LUCK vs. Resto Gastro Bistro Thursday, August 8: Round 5: winners of Round 1 and 2 Thursday, August 15: Round 6: winners of Round 3 and 4 Thursday, August 22: Round 7: winners of Round 5 and 6 Thursday, August 29: Final round: Sharon Van Meter vs. winner of Round 7

Each event will start at 7:00 pm with cocktails and the real draw (a seated dinner) served at 7:45. They're all at 3015 at Trinity Groves, located at 3015 Gulden Lane. Tickets are $75 per person, and they include two of everything - cocktails, apps, salads, entrees and desserts - one of each from each of the two fork fighters. You can also purchase tickets for all eight fights for $500. Bring your own fork.*


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