Starting Today, You Can Have Craft Cocktail Ingredients and Even Barware Delivered in Dallas

As Dallas heads toward a future when absolutely everything can be delivered to your door, Austin company Sourced Craft Cocktails launched in Dallas today with a curious concept — delivering all you need to make a specific cocktail, right down to the recipe and glassware.

Here's how it works: Head to their website and look over a cocktail menu featuring drinks like a Texas Mule, French 75 and Black Cherry Old Fashioned. Each drink will show you the price per drink, with a minimum order of six to 12 drinks (Texas law dictates that Sourced has to deliver unopened bottles of liquor). An idea of the price range: French 75s are $7.50 each (for 12 cocktails), Old Fashioneds are $8.66 per drink (for six) and the Eddy's Collins is $7.90 each (for six).

Place your order for the cocktail of your choice (per Texas law, deliveries stop at 9 p.m., according to Sourced, so you have to order by 7 p.m.) and in one to three hours, a Sourced employee will arrive with a barrel filled with everything you need: a recipe, the booze, assorted ingredients and garnishes, even glassware, barware and the appropriate ice. If you have questions, according to Sourced, the person delivering your barrel can help.

When your cocktail party is over, put the dirty glasses and barware back into the barrel and set it on your porch. Text Sourced to let them know it's ready for pick-up and they'll come 'round to snatch it. If you happen to break something or want to keep anything, Sourced will charge you for it. 

And that's it. Get 20 percent off your first order using the code "DALLAS." 

Is this another example of the height of human laziness? Well, probably not — true laziness would be achieved if you didn't have to make the cocktail once its ingredients arrive. Sourced seems fun because, convenience aside, you may learn a little something about cocktails along the way.
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