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First Look: The New Spot Steam Dumpling Offers a Bland Name but Flavorful Food

We lose the noodle-pulling floor show from the prior resident but gain some delectable treats from Steam Dumpling such as the beef roll pancake.
We lose the noodle-pulling floor show from the prior resident but gain some delectable treats from Steam Dumpling such as the beef roll pancake. Hank Vaughn
Plano has yet another dumpling place. The newest player, Steam Dumpling, occupies the location that most recently held Taste of Peking, which featured Mr. Charlie’s noodle-pulling prowess and floor show as the main draw. We enjoyed that place and were sorry to see it go, but life goes on and is too short to not attempt to try as many dumplings as possible. So, we decided to try Steam Dumpling out, hoping that the fare would be more interesting than the name chosen for the establishment. We weren’t disappointed.
click to enlarge steam dumpling interior
Steam Dumpling has taken up residence in the old Taste of Peking location and offers up several varieties of dumplings and Chinese fare.
Hank Vaughn
The interior has undergone a modest remodel and is a bit more subdued now. It was moderately full during the midweek lunch service that we attended. The menu is similar, although hand-pulled noodles are no longer front and center.

We enjoy scallion pancakes for starters, but this time went with the beef roll pancake instead. This comes two to an order, each sliced in thirds, and was much larger than we expected… and much better than we expected. Pan-fried pancake surrounded by thinly sliced pieces of tender seasoned beef, cilantro and a subtle sauce. This is definitely something we will order again and could almost be a meal in and of itself.
click to enlarge Tea egg from Steam Dumpling
A tea egg.
Hank Vaughn
We also ordered a tea egg, which we enjoy as much for the beautifully mottled appearance as for the taste. At the end of the day, however, it’s a hard-boiled egg and it’s kind of hard to mess that up. At 99 cents each it's a no-brainer.

Next up was a bowl of wonton with chili oil, another common go-to for us. These come eight to an order with just the right amount of chili oil at just the right temperature level. They weren’t overcooked, which we appreciate.
click to enlarge Wonton with chili oil.
Wonton with chili oil.
Hank Vaughn
For our main, we went with an order of pork and cabbage dumplings. These can be prepared either steamed, boiled or pan-fried. We went out on a limb and ordered them steamed because this place wasn’t called Boil Dumplings, after all. These arrive ten to an order in a bamboo basket along with some ginger and soy dipping sauce. They were OK. They were fine, just not memorable. In the crowded field that is the dumpling scene in north Texas, these were just … there.
click to enlarge Steamed pork and cabbage dumplings at Steam Dumpling.
The namesake steamed pork and cabbage dumplings.
Hank Vaughn
The menu also includes xiao long bao (soup dumplings) and shao mai (Cantonese dumplings popular at dim sum places), as well as beef and onion, shrimp and pork, chicken and corn and vegetables varieties of steamed (or boiled or pan-fried) dumplings. Noodle soups and dishes such as sautéed beef tenderloin with black pepper, pork buns Szechuan eggplant and Chinese burger with roasted pork are also available.

We miss Mr. Charlie’s noodle pulling but are glad to have discovered the beef roll pancake. While not an entirely equitable trade, it will have to do. Steam Dumpling is worth a visit if you find yourself in the neighborhood.

Steam Dumpling, 3131 Custer Road, No. 182, Plano. Daily, 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
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