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Texas Craft Beer Club Seeks to Spread the Good Word

Some people give cheese- or wine-of-the-month club memberships, but to give your beer-drinking friends a gift they actually want, a new of-the-month club has answered the call. Launched last November out of The Woodlands, the Texas Craft Beer Club is sending Texas craft beer out across the state to members who are interested in regional beers they can't find anywhere else.

Started by friends Marc Atnipp and Rob Banzhaf, Texas Craft Beer Club seeks to put those hard-to-find local beers in the hands of beer drinkers across the state. Atnipp said the idea for the Texas Craft Beer Club came from his desire to have beer from his favorite Texas brewery, Big Bend Brewing Co., which was unavailable in the Houston area. Filling a car full of beer and driving across the state inspired the two, so the "idea was to take some from [their] favorite breweries and get their name out there and help them out." By spreading local beers around the state to consumers who might otherwise never drink (or even hear of) many Texas breweries, the club aims to do its part to grow craft beer in Texas. As Jeff DeMeo at Texas Craft Beer Club put it, "not everyone is going to travel across the state to visit a brewery, so we do our best to try and bring it to them." 

Currently, the Texas Craft Beer Club is offering three- and six-month membership packages, which include a 12-pack each month that consists of three cans of four different Texas beers, a koozie and a membership card that doubles as a bottle opener. Three-month memberships start at $150, with another option that includes a T-shirt and pint glass for $175; the six-month package goes for $300, which also includes all the items in the lower memberships.

But shipping out beer isn't the club's sole purpose. A portion of Texas Craft Beer Club's profits are donated to The Will Herndon Fund for Juvenile Batten Disease Research, so members are also drinking for a cause. Texas Craft Beer Club chose to raise awareness and contribute to the fund after a kindergarten classmate of Atnipp's daughter was diagnosed with Batten Disease, a fatal and very rare neurodegenerative disorder.

If you're interested in getting a gift for the beer snob in your life — or want to drink beers from across the state without leaving your home — check out what Texas Craft Beer Club is offering, and tell people you drink for charity.

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