A cocktail, a magic trick and a show.EXPAND
A cocktail, a magic trick and a show.
Susie Oszustowicz

Fridays Now Offers the Perfect Boomerang, a Color-Changing Cocktail

TGI Fridays is helping you do it for the 'gram. One of its newest cocktails, the Magic Lemon Drop Martini, changes colors. While the name leaves a little something to be desired, the color and the wow factor are there. The cocktail, tinted with butterfly pea tea*, comes with a sidecar of citrus that, when added to the cocktail, changes the color to a vibrant violet hue.

The cocktail is one of the lineup of new drinks for the season alongside others that have edible glitter and others that are lit on fire. Not kidding.

Magic Lemon Drop ($6): butterfly pea tea extract, Skyy Vodka, triple sec, sugar rim
Side car: fresh agave sour, lemon twist

*Butterfly pea tea extract is a trendy new cocktail ingredient that makes a cocktail blue and then changes color when some ingredients are added — purple with acidic ingredients, pink with a high pH ingredient.

TGI Fridays, all locations (except New Jersey and California)

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