The Michelada Is The Greatest Beer Cocktail Of All Time At Work

This weekend I celebrated my birthday at brunch. I'm not much of a bruncher, but there I was at Canne Rosso, a glass of water in hand listening to my waitress offer me a choice of mimosa, Bloody Mary or michelada. Hearing the great beer cocktail mentioned immediately brightened my morning, and I drank two down greedily despite my distaste with the amount of Bloody Mary mix the bartender tossed in the drink.

Later that evening, while consuming a birthday burger at Local, I watched as more micheladas were made. The woman behind the bar eschewed tomato altogether in favor of a stout dash of Valentina hot sauce, a squeeze of lime, some salt and freshly cracked pepper. I preferred its light and crisp effervescence. The michelada is not the greatest beer cocktail in the world simply because it brightened my birthday, though. It's the greatest beer cocktail in the world because you can get everything you need to make one at 7-Eleven, which may or may not be close to your office home.

Grab a six pack of Tecate from the beer section, then swing around the corner to the deli case where they keep fresh limes. Buy at least seven limes because citrus purchased at convenience stores take a Herculean squeeze to liberate even a single drop of juice. Hit the hot dog station and pick up six packets each of Cholula hot sauce, salt and pepper.

When safely back at your office home, squeeze three lime wedges into the bottom of a glass. Add one packet hot sauce, one packet salt and one packet of pepper. Mash ingredients with a white board Sharpie muddling stick and fill the glass with ice. Top off the glass with cold Tecate, stir and enjoy.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.