The Screen Door Closes This Saturday: The Second In A Week For One Arts (Updated)

The Screen Door will be the second restaurant in One Arts Plaza to close this week. A reader who tried to make a reservation for next week was told that the popular Southern cooking restaurant would serve its last meatloaf sandwich on Saturday. I just called chef David McMillan to try and nab a quote, but he was unavailable to take my call.

I've been trying to talk to McMillan since earlier this week, when his other One Arts restaurant, The Commissary, closed. I really liked that meatloaf sandwich at the Screen Door. And McMillan's mac and cheese. One Arts will have a very different dining scene this fall.

I'll let you know if I get in touch with the chef.

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Update: Just saw this over on the Dallas Voice. Looks like the Lombardi's have swept in to offer One Arts patrons a new bistro.

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