The Llinda Llee Llama statue at the Statler's newest bar, WaterproofEXPAND
The Llinda Llee Llama statue at the Statler's newest bar, Waterproof
Taylor Adams

First Look: The Statler’s Waterproof Bar Is a Casual Lounge With a Great View

If you can’t get enough of the aesthetics of the Statler, you now have another excuse to stand in that beautiful elevator lobby.

Waterproof, a casual lounge with cocktails, is open, offering a nice view of downtown from the 19th floor.

On the inside, tiny lights cover the dark ceiling, creating a starry night kind of look. As in the rest of the building, the ceilings are low, with windows exposing the backside of the large “Statler” lettering that tops the 1956 building.

Casual is in at Waterproof.EXPAND
Casual is in at Waterproof.
Taylor Adams

The bar list has a few bites that appear to come by way of a waiter from Scout, which is upstairs. A few beers are listed: your usuals, plus a couple of Fort Worth beers and a Four Corners brew.

The cocktail list is less expensive than what you’ll find 20 floors below at Bourbon and Banter, but it's just as satisfying.

The Boarder Smash ($12) is tequila-forward, made sweet with aperol and sweet pepper. Waterproofs claims it has spice from that pepper, but it’s negligible. Topped with dill, it’s a drink you might find yourself downing too quickly.

Similar to how Bourbon and Banter has drinks named for hairstyles, this concept has drinks with beach themes, which doesn’t make all that much sense for a rooftop joint in downtown Dallas, but the drinks sound good.

The Boarder SmashEXPAND
The Boarder Smash
Taylor Adams

The Water Front ($12) embraces the rum scene that’s making its way into bars and includes housemade jam, lime, mint and “bubbles.” The Lost Coast ($13) has vodka, lemon, strawberry and bubbles — which sounds safe enough. But the Thai basil and black pepper addition make it sound worthy of ordering.

The Boarder Smash was served in a firm, plastic cup, fitting with the casualness that takes over here. While the interior feels swanky enough, a pool lies just beyond the patio, which could be why the waitstaff is dressed like people about to go play tennis.

Outside, you have a pretty spectacular view of downtown Dallas. While the front of the building looks to the north with a view of shorter buildings and Main Street Garden Park, this rooftop corner gives you the west view.

Waterproof's patioEXPAND
Waterproof's patio
Taylor Adams

On a nice day, you see the beauty of downtown. This is also where the Llinda Llee Llama statue, created by Dallas' Brad Oldham, resides.

On a recent visit, the valet was closed — not the first time we’ve heard of this happening — so street parking will do if you aren’t lucky enough to walk or ride a bike to the Statler.

Overall, it’s worth another visit. With drink prices around $12, it may be a one- or two-drink stop, with views to make your bill worth the price.

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