It's a Hallowed Beer Holiday in Dallas: Sour Week at StrangewaysEXPAND

It's a Hallowed Beer Holiday in Dallas: Sour Week at Strangeways

For Dallas beer-lovers, this week is an annual holiday you might have never heard a word about: Sour Week at Strangeways.

For the entire week, every single tap at this craft beer dive is dedicated to the much-loved — and highly misunderstood — sour beer.

"[It's] one of our biggest events of the year," says Strangeways' Rosie Sanchez. "It’s like a big reunion, and we [see] so many of our favorite people during the week for it. This is true for both of our "weeks," because we feel the same about Barrel Week in April where all 40 taps are barrel-aged beers."

For people who love obscure, hard-to-find, experimental brews, Sour Week is a must. Any Texas beer fan is likely to salivate just by hearing that Austin's beloved Jester King has an admirable nine taps reserved for their wild farmhouse and barrel-aged beers.

"Sours are such a unique style that you might see one or maybe two on a menu, and with scarcity comes popularity," Sanchez says. "Also, many that don’t normally drink beer enjoy sours. For example, wine drinkers enjoy sours for that same dry finish they share."

Strangeways spends the entire year buying and cellaring brews for the event, and there are some real hard-to-find gems.

"My brother and I are particularly excited to tap Blackman Brewing’s Smoking Lit," Sanchez says of the new beer from experimental Dallas brewer Barrett Tillman. "He made this with the Treintaycinco Brewery in Costa Rica while on a speaking and brewing trip. It’s slightly smoky on the nose, then crisp, citrusy on the palate and a hint of savory, very dry to the finish. We love beers that dance on your palate this way."

That's not the only local brew on tap. Sanchez says she's also stoked to tap Small Brewpub’s Sorta Sour Wild Pale.

"That’s such a gentle sour that still lets those hops show up on the palate and the sour being this light, citrus balance to it," she says.

Sour Week runs through Oct. 7, and taps are likely to change out rapidly. Get it while the gettin's good.

Strangeways, 2429 N. Fitzhugh Ave.

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