This Week's Viral Food Trend: Gooey Melted Raclette

The Internet horde can't go more than a few days without going ape-shit over a food "trend" (OMG RAINDROP CAKE). These clickbait monsters are usually just an existing food that, when "discovered" by Eater or Tasty, becomes the Next Hot Thing™ — even if it's been around quietly for decades. This week's food trend your mom has already emailed you about six times: raclette, a Swiss cow's milk cheese that's often melted over roasted potatoes and pickled vegetables. Insider's video of this indulgent dish at Raclette NYC has already been viewed nearly 59 million times on Facebook:

I think we can all admit that yeah, we wanna eat that. Traditionally, a wheel of the semi-hard cheese is melted using a fire or raclette rack, the bubbling top layer then scraped onto toast, potatoes, veggies, a smoldering pile of your hopes and dreams, etc. It is by no means a new thing, which you probably know if you've ever found yourself curled up next to a fire at a fancy Swiss ski chalet, but now that the Internet's taking a liking to it, we could be seeing it on more restaurant menus.

The most important raclette question, of course: Can you find it in Dallas? After some extensive cheese-related research, we have yet to encounter raclette in its viral iteration of a warm wheel scraped atop your plate of veggies or starches. That said, raclette has popped up in other forms at some of Dallas' currently trending spots:

"Aerated raclette" — sounds like poetry, no? Rest assured, now that the masses are going goo-goo over gooey raclette, we'll dedicate some efforts to finding the Swiss staple on Dallas menus. We'll report back after some very cheesy research.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.