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Turkeyfat? Roots Juices Offers Free Help.

It is an act of marketing genius. On the fattest day of the year -- the day you are most likely to be as filled with self-hatred and guilt as you are stuffing, turkey and the baby marshmallows you picked off the top of the sweet potato casserole -- Roots Juices offers 8 ounces of salvation, absolutely free.

Earlier this year, when we talked to chief operating officer Hanson Walker, he mentioned sales at Roots Juices were doubling each month, and that most of those sales were mail order and to local resellers like that hipster coffee shop that charges too much for a latte. Now Roots Juices is opening up a store front on Oak Lawn Avenue next to Lucky's Cafe, and they're giving away the good stuff on opening day.

The new juice bar will offer over 17 cold pressed juices and blends, shots (wheat grass, not whiskey), small raw food items and smoothies. Order a drink to go or sit and relax at the counter. Just make sure you get there on Friday, November 29, or the next week, December 2-6, if you want to get your complimentary 8-ounce juice.

Seriously, now, put down the leftovers sandwich. The holiday eating season is long and arduous. Take a break and pick up some juice.

Roots Juices, 3527 Oak Lawn Ave.

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