UberEats' Pecan Lodge Drone Promotion Was a Disaster — And Pecan Lodge is Pissed

This morning, Dallas food media was abuzz with word of an UberEats promotion with Pecan Lodge that featured all the right buzzwords: barbecue, delivery, drones and a party. Here's how it was supposed to work: For one day only, today, UberEats would offer a Pecan Lodge brisket sandwich with mac and cheese on its instant menu, an ever-changing shortlist of pre-made lunch dishes that, in theory, can be delivered in 5-20 minutes. Along with the food, the 300 diners who got their hands on the Pecan Lodge sandwich would also get tickets to a Thursday night event that would feature Pecan Lodge barbecue, "sweet treats delivered by drone" and free Uber rides to and from the event.

Pecan Lodge being one of Dallas' most popular eateries and all, it seems like UberEats would be prepared for the deluge, right? Well, apparently it didn't work out that way — and Pecan Lodge is pissed.

Starting at 11 a.m., when ordering opened, customers were angrily tweeting at Pecan Lodge, furious about their inability to place an order. 

Pecan Lodge has actually been retweeting customer complaints — and then issued a brief Twitter statement making it clear that they're none too happy with UberEats right now.
Ouch. We tried to place an order for the Pecan Lodge offer on UberEats — which is still listed in its instant offerings, despite users' problems — and have been trapped for more than 20 minutes on a page that claims our order is "requesting." UberEats is telling customers on Twitter to be patient and keep trying — but most people seem to be taking the blind rage option instead.

Reporter Robert Wilonsky checked in with Pecan Lodge's owner, who claims that UberEats dropped the ball by not having enough drivers on hand.

A few Twitter users are reporting successful orders, but so far, this promotional stunt has been like watching a drone crash in slow-motion. We've reached out to Pecan Lodge to find out if they're still participating in Thursday night's event, it doesn't seem likely. We'll update with further statements from both Pecan Lodge and UberEats. 

In the meantime, we'll just keep waiting for a sandwich that doesn't seem likely to arrive.
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