Uptown’s New TacoLingo Mixes Up Margarita Flavors Like Elotes and Strawberry Tamarind

TacoLingo’s Strawberry Tamarind Margarita
TacoLingo’s Strawberry Tamarind Margarita Susie Oszustowicz
A brand-new spot in Uptown with seven signature margaritas, each better than the one before? Now you’re talking our lingo. TacoLingo, to be exact. Welcome the newest Uptown hot spot from Reach Restaurant Group, behind Pie Tap, with open arms and an empty stomach, because they have delicious food with cocktails to match.

Look for margaritas for every taste from elotes to strawberry tamarind, all made with fresh, quality ingredients. The strawberry tamarind margarita is a bright, slightly tart, complex cocktail to temper the spice from what will surely be a flavorful meal. They skip the salt and opt for a single strawberry with a light, zesty Chamoy-like dust.

Just don’t wait too long to get the lingo down.

Strawberry Tamarind Margarita ($10): reposado tequila, strawberry-tamarind cordial, fresh lime juice, Angostura bitters

TacoLingo, 2301 N. Akard St. (Uptown)
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Susie Oszustowicz