Victor Tangos' Cool Like That Turns White Peach and Radicchio Into a Superb Summer Cocktail

Right now, we all want one thing: A/C.  OK, actually we want two things: A/C and cold drinks. Victor Tangos has some serious A/C blasting, and their Cool Like That cocktail by Andrew Stofko satisfies the latter.

We've never considered radicchio for a cocktail, but we're glad that Stofko did. This refreshing drink is saved from the brink of too sweet thanks to the balance offered by the bold, bitter radicchio, a leafy vegetable similar to red lettuce from the chicory family.

Try the recipe at home; or if you're too lazy to hunt down radicchio, stop into Victor Tangos and let them do the leg work.

Cool Like That
1.5 oz. White peach and radicchio puree*
1.5 oz. Smooth Ambler Barrel Aged Gin
0.5 oz. Lime
0.5 oz. Honey syrup (1:1, honey and boiling water)
0.25 oz. Bittermens Cinnamon Hiver Amer

Combine ingredients, shake, then strain over fresh ice into a rocks glass.

White Peach and Radicchio Puree: Puree eight peaches to every one head of radicchio

Victor Tangos, 3001 N Henderson Ave.

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