Firestone & Robertson Distilling Offers Seasonal Cocktails at Its Whiskey Ranch Bar

How about a little TX on the Beach (or in the sand trap)?
How about a little TX on the Beach (or in the sand trap)? courtesy Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co.
This Memorial Day weekend, why not take a little jaunt out of the city and visit the ranch — Fort Worth's Whiskey Ranch, to be exact. Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co.'s new (secondary) distillery, Whiskey Ranch, is proof that the duo is doing something right. When it had to expand production to a second facility, we didn't know how good it was going to get for us local whiskey lovers. (Never mind that it's a distillery and bar on 112 acres with an 18-hole golf course. We're just upset there's no guest house for us to camp out in.)

Resident bartender Jason Shelly recently launched a seasonal cocktail menu for its rustic-barn-meets-city-livin' bar featuring 15 whiskey cocktails to best highlight the TX Whiskey and Bourbon. Our favorite of the bunch? A cheeky Lone Star State take on the Sex on the Beach, the TX on the Beach. The nearly florescent cocktail joins the award-winning sweeter TX Whiskey (with honey and banana notes) with fruit juices and coconut milk. And a splash of cherry because you have to have the pop of red, right?

Tours of the facility haven't started yet, so for now, we'll have to settle for visiting the bar and the adorable shop. (Stay tuned to its social channels to learn when tours start.)

TX ON THE BEACH ($6): TX Whiskey, pineapple, orange juice, coconut milk, lemon juice, cherry syrup

Whiskey Ranch by Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co., 4250 Mitchell Blvd., Fort Worth
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